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Globasol™ UVP 1Globasol™ UVP 1Benzotriazole UV absorber soluble in aromatic solvents. Used in polyacrylate, polyurethane, PVC, polyester, polycarbonate and styrenic polymers.
Globasol™ UVP 2Globasol™ UVP 2Used in PVC, Styrenic polymers, Polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester lacquers, Nitrocellulose
Globasol™ UVP 3Globasol™ UVP 3UV absorber used in cosmetics, sunscreens, PVC, acrylics. Coatings etc.
Globasol™ UVP 328Globasol™ UVP 328Used in Polypropylene, PVC, Polyester, Polyurethane, Polycarbonate, Polyacrylate
Globasol™ UVP 5411Globasol™ UVP 5411Used in nylon, polycarbonate, PET, PBT, PVC, styrenics, acrylics, candle wax Polycarbonate PET, PBT, PVC, Styrenics, Acrylics, Candle wax
Globasol™ UVP 8Globasol™ UVP 8Used in water reducible coatings
Globasol™ UVP 81Globasol™ UVP 81Used for PVC (rigid & flexible), polystyrene, epoxy resins and polypropylene
Globasol™ UVP 9Globasol™ UVP 9Used in cosmetics, thermoplastics, coatings
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