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Candles have become one of today’s consumer preferred choices for room fragrance ambiance and odor elimination.  Their long lasting pleasant scents and aesthetic appeal make color stability essential.

Lit Candle
Old Use

Aesthetic Use

New Use - Ambiance

The colors of candles used in magic or spiritual purposes must not fade to avoid confusion. For these reasons, GVS serves the Candle Industry with cost effective quality additives that enhance the shelf-life and appearance of candles without affecting their performance. Drawing from combined decades of R&D, manufacturing and sales experience in the plastics and cosmetics industries, GVS’s primary goal has always been to offer customers technical assistance, which provides a greater level of flexibility in solving candle related issues.  We are able to apply the best solutions from industry experts, because GVS does not represent a single additives manufacturer.


GVS manufactures pilot and commercial scale quantities of each additive in our product line, so that you purchase only what is needed for your process. We practice just in time manufacturing. Place an order. 


GVS distributes chemical additives for the plastics industry. We carry and can source Light stabilizers, UV Absorbers, Optical Brighteners and Antioxidants. Click on the products tab and go to Plastics to see our offering. We practice just in time delivery in order to save the customer the need for warehousing a lot of material. We are able to prepare Antioxidant blends to our client’s specifications. Request a quotation.

GVS assists ongoing businesses in their quest to optimize their operations and maximize profits.  You can integrate GVS into your supply chain and utilize our global network to assist your purchasing department in looking for new or alternative sources for your raw materials or final products. When you are ready to purchase a product, simply email us your request and let us get to work for you. You will be asked to specify the criteria our search results must meet to satisfy your need. We will take it from there. Eventually, we can stock the product we have located for you so that you can practice just in time manufacturing or have the inventory only when you need it.


For startup/new businesses, GVS can provide upfront assistance in market research estimating whether there is sufficient market demand for your product and the competitive situation for that product. Should you need to prepare a loan package for a Bank or SBA, we can assist there also. If you need raw materials to make your product, we can source those too, utilizing our proprietary global search capability to locate reliable suppliers to your business. In industries that we are not familiar with, we will work with you to define the parameters most important to you that our search results must match. Fax (866-528-4979) or email your needs to us for immediate action. So whether you want marketing research, supply chain solutions, demand forecasting, reducing your R&D costs, put our global knowledge to work for you. How may we help you?

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