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Apple Strudel by Circle EApple Strudel by Circle EA Golden Sand colored candle with the aroma of fresh baked apple.
Berry Mulberry by Circle EBerry Mulberry by Circle EMauve colored candle with tangy mulberry fragrance
Bird of Paradise by Circle EBird of Paradise by Circle EBasic color - Pearl Pink; Chip color - Burgundy. A most popular blend of fragrances with magical effect
Buttery French Vanilla by Circle EButtery French Vanilla by Circle ELinen colored creamy buttery vanilla fragranced candle
Christmas Spirit by Circle EChristmas Spirit by Circle ERusty red zesty Christmas candle
Country Morning by Circle ECountry Morning by Circle ECinnamon colored pumpkin pie fragranced candle
Creamy Cinnamon Vanilla by Circle ECreamy Cinnamon Vanilla by Circle ECream colored candle with the aroma of Cinnamon blended with Vanilla
Crème Brulee by Circle ECrème Brulee by Circle EA delightful stone colored candle with a blend of vanilla and caramel fragrance
Fresh Cake by Circle EFresh Cake by Circle ECream colored candle with the aroma of fresh cake
Gourmet Sugar Cookie by Circle EGourmet Sugar Cookie by Circle EA light Taupe colored candle
Orange Marmalade by Circle EOrange Marmalade by Circle E
Spiced Cake by Circle ESpiced Cake by Circle EGinger colored and scented Circle E candle
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